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There is a laboratory for testing of different materials at our enterprise. We can make a precise analysis of items to be produced on an industrial scale, possibility of processing, appropriate equipment and operation conditions. 

The main goals of preliminary and laboratory testing of customer materials are:

* definition of material properties, possibility of it’s processing and final production quality; 

* choice of appropriate operation conditions, technological elements and configuration; 

* provision of actual equipment outcome for determination of motivation for it’s use. 

To perform laboratory testing there should be 50-150 kg of raw material. The results of testing are presented to customers. The product is a total ownership of the client and it should be returned (partially or fully) at the customer’s request.


In case of need and by agreement with the customer we can perform pilot testing with the use of our experimental equipment.

To perform laboratory testing of your material you should fill in the questionnaire with indication of required characteristics of raw and final product. It will help our specialists to evaluate the possibility of testing performance. Then you should submit the form to us. 


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