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NPO center offers services for the production of welded workpieces, components and assemblies
with the use of electron-beam technologies

Manufacturing capability of EBW
- The use of the modern, high-end and resourcesaving technology ensures high weld quality for the entire depth with the unique ratios of "depth / width" (up to 20:1) and "price / quality";
- Strength properties of the weld and weld-adjacent zone are not inferior to the strength characteristics of the base material;
- Low heat input to the product in comparison with other types of welding eliminates considerable thermal deformation and allows forming finishing and cosmetic welds;
- Automated management system provides the possibility to form welds along a complex (threedimensional) trajectory, including intermittent welds;
- Modern precision tooling (up to 5 axis) and an automated control system allow solving complex and high-precision tasks both of single-part and bulk production.

Technical specifications of electron-beam welding equipment
Parameters KL-155   KL-156
Chamber volume  18 m³  40 m³
Chamber length  3200 mm  4500 mm
Chamber widght  2400 mm  3000 mm
Chamber height  2400 mm  3000 mm
Longitudinal movement of the welding head, not less than 2200 mm  3400 mm
Transverse movement of the welding head, not less than  1040 mm  1800 mm
Vertical movement of the welding head, not less than  2150 mm  2000 mm
Steel weld penetration, max 75 mm 75 mm
Titanium alloy weld penetration, max 110 mm 110 mm
Aluminum alloy weld penetration, max 150 mm 150mm

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