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In 2009 a new lime production line based on NPO Center grinding complex was put into operation in PRUP “Belorusskij cementnyj zavod” (Kostjukovichi, Belarus).

The product was supposed to be used in different industries, for cell concrete production as well.

The raw material grain size is up to 40 mm, the temperature for grinding is up to 120 C

The mill production output is 14t/h. There is less coarse parts in the materials grinded in centrifugal mills as compared to ball mills (the quantity of coarse grain at higher fineness of milled material is 10 times more than the quantity of grits in the product after impact grinding). The final product absolutely complies with the requirements of GOST 9179-77 and DIN-1067. The specific energy consumption for grinding of lump line does not exceed 18 kW h/t, the lime slaking time is 4 min., residue on the sieve №02 - 1 %, residue on the sieve №008 – 5,5 %.

The impact method of grinding and the air classifier application provide for obtaining a product which is characterized by narrow grading. The mill operating parts wearing does not have influence with the product grading.

The final product size can be regulated without a stop.

In 2007 a grinding complex for lime production КИ-1,6 was put into operation in OAO “Zhelezobeton” (Staraja Kupavna, Russia). The complex production output is 11t/h.

Until centrifugal impact mills were not applied in the technology of cell concrete production, there was a great problem concerning differences in characteristics of final products. Grading of the lime, produced by ball mills, was not stable, this had influence with its reactive capacity and the technology had to be constantly corrected.

The consistent high quality of the lime produced with the use of this technology made it possible not only to correct the problem with stability of ready cell concrete parameters, but also to reduce grinding costs.

Until centrifugal impact mills were not implemented, ball milled lime size was up to 80 um.

The lime specific surface at obtaining this size using the centrifugal impact mill worked out 10000 – 11000 sm2/g due to developed particle surface of the lime obtained by means of  centrifugal impact.

It was found that to obtain 4000sm/g surface, the final product size of -160 um is enough.

The lime of this size is effectively used for production of cell concretes instead of the lime grinded by ball mills.

The obtained data was completely confirmed after installation of a grinding complex for production of lime КИ-1,25 at AO “AktobeStrojIndustrija” (Aktobe, Kazakhstan). Grinding size of 140mu was quite enough to obtain required quality of cell cement without any interventions into technological parameters. The complex production output was set within the range of 7t/h. 

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