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Thanks to high application qualities, high surface activity of the particles and a cubical form of the crushed rock produced by centrifugal impact crushers, its use in road building, production of concrete and structural units allows to reduce material and technical resources consumption and to improve quality of products.

The given technology and the equipment produced by NPO Center are effectively applied in production of crushed granite, porphyrite, diorite and other materials for building of roads in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  

Cubiform crushed rock advantages

 In road building:

The form of finely-broken stone (2-5, 5-10, 10-15 mm) which is applied as a top strengthening layer for roadways is very significant; the layer determines road quality and wearing life.

The use of cubiform crushed rock in road building and construction units production makes it possible:

- to reduce consumption of crushed rock;

- to reduce consumption of bitumen and emulsions up to 30%;

- to reduce time and labor input at asphalt-concrete laying up to 50;

- to reduce cement consumption;

- to increase road bed wearing life by several times;

- to increase adhesion coefficient up to 0,65-0,71.

In bitumen production

The form of coarse aggregate (crushed stone) is very crucial for the quality of bitumen. There should be not more than 15% (by mass) of platelike and acicular grains.

The tests proved that the application of crushed stone used as an aggregate allows:

- to reduce water requirement by 3%;

- to reduce cement consumption by 5-10 kg/m3;

- to increase concrete strength;

- to cut energy costs by 2,5% at an average and to reduce bitumen production costs  by 3% at an average.  

It was ascertained that application of cubiform crushed stone results in reduction of cement consumption by 12,5% pu of bitumen strength.

Technological scheme for obtaining cube-shaped crushed stone

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