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In the flowsheets of gold-bearing ores concentration preparation air classifiers are used not only for separation of materials by size, but they are also used for preconcentration: extraction of coarse gold into the concentrate at the milling stage, extraction of fines with grading wastes into the tailings. As a result, there is no need to install massive gold separators and the quantity of material for concentration is lower.

The research works made with gold-quartz and gold-sulphide-quartz ores demonstrated that the use of centrifugal impact crushers makes it possible to increase the content of gold in ground products from 5% to 25% as compared to conventional crushers and mills, and there is less capital and operating expenditures. 

A number of gold-bearing ore dry beneficiation investigations were conducted  at several fields. As followed from the analysis of final products of dry concentration in Berezovskij field (Ural, Russia), the content of gold in the concentrate amounted to 100 – 120 g/t in extracting 95-98% (content of gold in raw products – 8,3 g/t).  

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