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Production facilities with modern equipment provide an opportunity to perform all kinds of metalworking, bead blasting, painting of high quality, and to manufacture large-sized constructions of higher complexity, crushing, grinding, medical equipment, amusement rides, production lines and technological complexes, non-standard equipment. «NPO Center» provides a full range of services associated with the application of our equipment and technology.

With the help of modern CNC universal milling machine “DMU-60 T2”, and five-axis machining center “FUQ 150-VR/10” with operational stroke in X-, Y-, Z-directions 9000x1500x2000 mm and positioning accuracy of 20 microns, we can produce high-precision parts, including large-size ones, by milling a variety of surfaces, drilling, boring, thread cutting. Machines TRK 80, W100, 2H637Г Ф1 provide production of units, mechanisms and mid-size parts weighing up to 20000 kg. The enterprise has a unique technological equipment such as lathes 1Л532 and 1540Ф1, which are capable of processing large parts up to 4 m in diameter, 2 m height and weighting up to 60 000 kg. «NPO «Center» has a welding robot for deposit welding and 30 welding stations that are certified according to DIN 188000-7 class E.

A plasma cutting machine for the automated figured and linear cutting of metal-roll of corrosion-proof metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, developed and produced by «NPO Center», features a high performance as well as a guaranteed quality of cut (thickness of metal to be cut: plasma - 0.5-80 mm, autogen – 20-250 mm ). The rational computer-aided metal cutting ensures the reduction of the materials-output ratio and energy-output ratio, and significantly reduces labor costs.

«NPO Center» is certified according to DIN 188000-7 class Е by the Welding Technology Institute Halle, Germany, authorizing the production and export deliveries of welded steel constructions. In 2007, «NPO «Center» got the conformity certificate of quality management system to engineer and manufacture centrifugal machinery, medical refrigerator and laboratory centrifuges in compliance with the STB ISO 9001-2009 requirements.
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