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High quality of goods produced by OJSC “NPO Center” is achieved by means of quality control at all stages of product manufacturing, from its development to putting into operation at customer plant. Technical testing of design and technological documentation is performed during the development phase. Purchase of materials and components is carried out only with certificates of quality and compliance, as well as passports, forms and other accompanying documents confirming the quality of incoming material and components, with additional incoming inspection.

There are two laboratories for calibration and repair of measurement instruments at NPO Center. The laboratories are staffed with verification officers having appropriate certificates of competency and all the necessary measurement instruments to perform and control technological operations of product manufacturing.

In 2016, NPO Center developed and implemented a quality management system to design and manufacture automatic plasma cutting complexes, centrifugal machinery, medical refrigerator and laboratory centrifuges in compliance with the STB ISO 9001-2015 requirements. The system was certified.

NPO Center has a certificate in accordance with DIN 188000-7 class Е authorizing that there are specialists and equipment available at the enterprise, which are required to perform welding operations for manufacturing static and dynamic steel bearing structures in compliance with the following standards:

- DIN 18800-7, high-rise steel structures;

- DIN 4131, steel radio towers and masts (static and dynamic);

- DIN 4132, crane runways, steel bearing structures;

- DIN 4133, steel stacks.

According to the certification, NPO Center welding specialists were certified in compliance with EN  287-1 requirements to meet the above standards and they have private certificates of competence. Besides of this, the welders undergo regular annual appraisal in BY training centers, where they prove their qualification in welding in the following industrial sectors:  pressure vessels, steel bearing structures, walling steel structures, manufacturing equipment steel structures, lifting and load-handling devices and transport containers in facilities controlled by the State Fire Supervision of the Emergency Situations Ministry of BY.

The welding certificate confirms the right to produce and export welded steel structures to EU countries.

There is a certified welding engineer at NPO Center having the 4-th level of experience in welding in accordance with the requirements of STB 1063-2003. The specialist is entitled to organize, coordinate and control welding operations performed at the enterprise.

The enterprise is licensed to produce attraction amusement equipment and pressure vessels. The welding processes are graded in conformity with the requirements of STB ISO 15614-1-2009. 

 NPO Center has Certificates of Conformance for all serial products

•   centrifugal crushers DC-0,4; DC-063; DC-1,0, DC-1,25, DC-1,6;

•   laboratory centrifuge CR-02L, medical refrigerator centrifuge CR-01;

•   automated plasma cutting complexes KPR-01;

•   unbalanced-throw screens GI-01, GI-02, GI-03, GI-04, GI-05, GI-06;

•   grinding complexes KI-0.4, KI-0.63, KI-1.0, KI-1.25, KI-1.6

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