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Open Joint Stock Company «NPO Center» was established in 1981. At present «NPO Center» is both one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for crushing, grinding and classifying of different materials and a leading developer of centrifugal machinery on the CIS countries territory. A high scientific and technical potential of the enterprise and great experience in development and adoption of new technologies make it possible to create new equipment irreplaceable in many branches of industry.
«NPO Center» is certified according to DIN 188000-7 class Е by the Welding Technology Institute Halle, Germany, authorizing the production and export deliveries of welded steel constructions. In 2007, «NPO «Center» got the conformity certificate of quality management system to engineer and manufacture centrifugal machinery, medical refrigerator and laboratory centrifuges in compliance with the ISO 9001-2015 requirements.
In recent years, «NPO Center» is actively developing the production of processing equipment, using in-house and customers’ designs. Over the past 10 years, «NPO Center» has been closely cooperating with the French company BDM France, on the issue of development and manufacturing of the machines for the production of plastic windows, as well as lines for shaping sheet metal. 
«NPO Center» has also manufactured a range of equipment for a brick factory in Venezuela, mechanized line of fish cold-smoking, drying plant for milled peat at the peat briquette factories. Our enterprise also fulfills orders for manufacturing of process equipment for Swedish and German companies.
In 2011, «NPO Center» has created, together with the Austrian concern STRABAG SE, a joint venture company "Strabag Engineering Center", which is engaged in engineering of plants for waste treatment plants, biogas plants, water treatment plants.
At present, our company is a trusted partner for more than 150 companies of CIS countries, who know us as a progressive, dynamic company, which develops and uses advanced technologies in the production of new equipment and system of doing business.
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