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Air filters are designed to purify gas mixtures, which are non-aggressive, non-explosive, with no tendency to adherence and condensate formation, from fine dust at the temperature up to 100oС.

The dust is separated dry by the air filter and this gives a number of advantages as distinct from the wet cleaning (no additional water purification from slime).

In comparison with the apparatus for wet cleaning and electrofilters the air filter has a top performance dust separation.

The filter can be equipped with the systems of filter elements regeneration with backblowing by either the atmospheric air or compressed air.

The filter is a highly reliable apparatus. It is capable to work without stopping the operation cycle and it does not require a permanent service.

Filters are intended to purify aspiration emissions and smoke fumes of the enterprises of various industries:

·         glass industry;

·         chemical industry;

·         construction materials industry;

·         machine building;

·         iron industry;

·         food industry;

·         mining industry;

·         woodworking and furniture trade;

·         foundry;

·         metalworking;

·         non-ferrous metal industry.



Clean gas production, m3/h, n.e.






Permissible pressure (rarefaction) inside

the filter, kPa


Inlet mass dust concentration, g/m3, n.e.


Separation efficiency, %, no less than


Hydraulic resistance, kPa, n.e.


Regeneration system

Backblowing by either atmospheric air or compressed air


2500 - 10000

Filters are the most universal type of dust-trapping and gas cleaning equipment since they are capable to be reliable in operation and work effectively in almost all the technological processes with dust emission.

Air filters are capable to operate continuously and they don’t need permanent service.

Filtering material and its treatment (antistatic, water and oil repellent, etc.) are selected in accordance with the service conditions of a bag filter and the properties of the dust which is separated.

Self-sufficient operation and service capability of bag filters are ensured by the system of filter elements regeneration.

To avoid the reduction of filter efficiency, the regeneration of dust-loaded bags is done by the impulse of compressed air.

The regeneration is performed in succession for each section of the filter purified air chamber.

The command to start the regeneration cycle can come after the actuation of pressure relay at reaching the specified pressure drop or it can be performed according to the set time interval with the help of a time relay.

Regeneration of filter elements is carried out automatically, not interrupting the working cycle.

General view of the filter according to the drawing.

The filter operates under rarefaction.Фильтр воздушный.jpghe principle of operation of the filter is based on dust trapping by the bags made of a filter cloth in passing of dust-laden air (gas) through them.

Dust-laden air gets into the chamber of dust-loaded air and in passing the filter bags becomes purified from dust and gets into the clean air chamber.

The air purified from dust is dislodged from the filter through the bend of the air line.

To avoid the reduction of filter efficiency, the regeneration of dust-loaded filter bags is done by the impulse of compressed air.

 The sequence of regeneration of the sections ensures the usage of the air for regeneration from different receivers every time. After the regeneration cycle has been carried out, all the sections get into gear. After panels’ regeneration the dust falls into the bin and is discharged from the filter by means of dust discharge devices.

The adjustment of regeneration timing parameters is executed with the help of the control system.

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