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КI grinding complexes are a modularized system of optionally assembled integrated units which provide high performance, easy operation and servicing, low energy consumption and small occupied space.

Grinding complexes make it possible to obtain up to 15 t/h of several narrow fractions of the final product in the required particle size range (-0,02 … -0,5 mm).

Customized production schemes make it possible to improve essentially the economic performances of grinding and quality factors of the obtained material. The size of the final product can be regulated during the operation without the equipment shutdown.

The challenge КI grinding complexes face is fine and ultra fine dry grinding as well as disintegration of different ore and non-metallic materials which vary in strength, hardness and abrasiveness.

КI grinding complexes are successively applied in manufacture of  mineral powder, cement, micropowder of microcalcite, etc.

The centrifugal-impact milling method which is realized in «NPO Center» grinding complexes makes it possible to obtain material showing quality factors which are unattainable with the help of other types of milling. 

The crushed product exhibits a high specific surface area and physicochemical activity of the particles. It has the ordered narrow grain size composition.

 The reduction of energy intensity and the absence of over-ground classes are available by the iteration (uninterrupted) operation cycle of КI complex, i.e.: «grinding – separation – continuous withdrawal of finished product from the process of grinding». Compared to other milling methods, the energy cost saving runs between 12 and 56%.

Grinding complexes are applied in the production branches which are involved in the manufacture of high quality fine powders:

 mineral raw materials,

 dry building mixes ingredients,

 weighting agents,

 refractory and abrasive mixtures,

 pharmaceutical and chemical components. 

They are applied to grind the following materials:

electrocorundum, limestone, gypsum, graphite, brucite, ferrous slag

clinker, slag, marble, talc, coal, schungite, periclase, calcite

bentonite, quartz, dolomite, barite, mica, wollastonite, glass, ammonium polyphosphate, etc.

КI grinding complexes are applied for fine and ultra fine dry grinding of the materials for which of great importance are such attributes as product quality, its homogeneity, the absence of impurity elements.

КI complex makes it possible to obtain simultaneously several classes of powders.

Grinding complexes are in successful operation at more than 100 enterprises of different countries.









Productivity, t/h






Feed size, mm, up to






Ground product size (is controlled), mm, n.e.






Installed capacity, kW, n.e.






Overall dimensions, m, n.e.:

length × width × height






Weight, t






The material produced by «NPO Center» mills is distinguished by a narrow granulometric composition (low content of both coarse and fine fractions).

The particles are homogeneous and isometric in form and they have a well-developed surface. This facilitates the obtaining of durable and quality products and reduces material and energy costs.

 • Consistency in grinding properties: product quality does not depend on the state and wear rate of quick-wear elements and equipment.

• Narrow specified granulometric composition within all possible milling size range (from -0,02 to -0,5 mm).

• Possibility to obtain simultaneously several fractions of finished product.

• Obtaining of products having isometric form and increased activity of particles. 

• Low power consumption.

• As for basic configuration, КI is equipped with modern ACS and online control panel, job analysis system, logging and statistics collection system which consider different options and the required parameters of final product.

• Control of grinding fineness and product size distribution without a stop in operation of the complex. 

• Individual configuration depending on the properties of the materials, the size of products,      the requirements for weight and size characteristics.

•  Possibility to integrate into the operating production lines.

КI grinding complexes is a correlated modular system of units: mills, fans, cyclones, classifiers, filters, automation and control system.

Source product is fed into the rotating accelerator. Having got circumferential speed necessary for grinding, the product flies out of the accelerator, strikes against the bumper surface of the crushing chamber and breaks. Then it is picked up by the air flow and is carried out into the classifier, the latter being part of the mill, where the separation takes place. The underground material comes back for regrinding. The material of the required size is carried out into the cyclones to be deposited there and then it gets into the finished product bin.

Such a process scheme makes it possible to improve essentially the economic parameters of the process of milling, to reduce specific energy intensity, to prevent the over-grinding at the expense of     a continuous withdrawal of finished product and to improve quality factors of the obtained material.  The required size is adjustable on-the-go.

The grinding complex equipment does not set up dusting since it works under vacuum.

Air consumption is minimized at the cost of the use of air flows closed circuit.

Only a small quantity of the air which is used in the milling process is discharged into the atmosphere.

Before entering atmosphere the air passes the multi-stage cleaning system, thereby corresponding to all the ecological standards and environmental requirements.


Structural scheme of the complex

The structural scheme is not exhaustive. To develop a particular scheme, to define the equipment standard size, version and configuration most fully satisfying your needs, it is necessary to address the specialists of our company or fill in the questionnaire  and send it to our address .

МC mill

Impact-centrifugal mills are designed for dry grinding of ore and non-metallic materials of any strength and hardness.

МC centrifugal-impact mill can be applied without regard to other elements of the complex as an individual unit in the existing production lines. In deciding on the applicability of MC in a particular line, one should contact the specialists of our company.

Operation principle:

By a high pressure fan the air pressure is generated for the formation of “a gas bearing” (air gap) – stator-to-rotor gap. Through the gimbal drive the engine impels the mill’s accelerator.КИ схема.jpg

Source product for crushing is supplied through the charging funnel onto the separating cone and is distributed across the accelerator’s channels.

Having got the necessary circumferential speed, the material enters the crushing chamber where it is crushed at the cost of a hit upon the lining surfaces and particle inter-collision.

In the crushing chamber primary classification of the material by the air flow takes place: separation of the underground particles to be returned to the mill. The ground product is carried out by the air flow into the mill’s built-in air-classifier where the obtained material undergoes the process of fine separation: separated underground particles return to the crushing chamber for regrinding.

The particles, meeting the requirements of a specific size-range and being represented as dust-air mixture, which has been formed during the grinding operation, enter the structural scheme of the grinding complex for fractional separation  and for finished product settling.