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Casting machines with a vertical axis are employed for manufacturing of relatively short ring castings of any complexity.

They are provided with the systems of a programmed, controlled crystallization to obtain alloys with the required properties. The machines have the elastic-damping suspension allowing the operation to be steady at high unbalance without a significant increase of vibration performance. Being controlled, the overload factor is up to 300 g. 

The control system based on controllers and the industrial computer makes it possible to work under the preset programme, to monitor the process flow, to archive all the parameters of the operation cycles.

«NPO Center» can manufacture casting machines according to the customer’s technical requirements. To place the manufacturing order for a casting machine you’ll need to contact the specialists of our enterprise. 

The machines are used for the obtaining of small height castings, such as short bushings, rings, flanges.

«NPO Center» manufactures casting machines of the following range of production:


ULM - 120

ULM - 500

ULM - 3000

Maximum weight of castings, kg




Maximum diameter of  castings, mm




Maximum height of castings, mm




Overload factor, g




The process of centrifugal casting is fully mechanized and automated. It is characterized by high capacity.

 Centrifugal castings are distinguished by

- the enhanced properties of cast metal,

- the lack of porosity, slag inclusions,

- high mechanical properties of the metal at the cost of heating and rapid solidification of the casting,

- the fine-grained structure formation,

- the possibility to obtain thin-walled castings from the alloys with low fluidity.

  Owing to a specific technology, finished castings result to be sound, of good quality, wear-resistant, without slag and nonmetallic element inclusions. On account of all this, there is a maximum increase of the quality product yield.

 Besides, it is because of this casting technology application that it’s possible to save metal and energy, to adjust optimally the duration of a production cycle, to increase by several times the productivity.

The centrifugal casting makes it possible to do without the floor space for molding and the equipment for mold and core drying.

The centrifugal casting machine has an excellent functionality, high productivity, best quality, ease of operation.

Casting machines with a vertical axis is a built-up construction consisting of the foundation 1,  the plate 2 installed on the spring elements 3, the crystallizer 4.

On the plate 2 are mounted the electric motor 6, the pallet 5 and the casing 7 which is closed by the cover 8. On the cover 8 the funnel 9 is installed.

Casting machines operate in the following way: the crystallizer 4 is driven by the electric motor 6, the liquid metal is supplied into the centre of the rotating crystallizer through the funnel and under the effect of centrifugal forces is flung to the walls of the crystallizer. Upon the melt is solidification and cooling the crystallizer is brought to a stop and the casting is withdrawn.

The control over the rotation velocity of the crystallizer 4 is executed by changing the motor shaft rotation speed 6 by means of frequency converter.

The setting of parameters, control and monitoring over the operation of the manufactured article are exercised by the program of frequency converter.