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"NPO Center"

Phone: +375 17 259-03-57
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Reduced prices for our equipment ex stock in Minsk!

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Crusher ДЦ-1,0 (3 units)

Crusher ДЦ-1,6.0.30 (2 units)

Crusher ДЦ-0.63 (1 unit)

For all questions, please contact + 375 17 257 97 07 , mobile + 375 29 399 93 37

"NPO Center" provides complete solutions for the processing of various types of mineral materials  at special prices.

Our high-tech equipment is designed to be used in production of mineral powders, quartz, dolomite, barite, marble, corundum, limestone, gypsum, graphite, brucite, metallic slags, clinker, talc, shungite, periclase, calcite, bentonite, glist, wollostonite, glass, polyphosphate ammonium, ashes etc.

All complexes are production tested and ready for shipment.